There are endless advantages in using PVC:
Our PVC is UV resistant at 4 times the Industry standard using 12% Titatium Trioxide (Ti02) as Impact modifier, as opposed to the 3% industry standard for External PVC. Our PREMIUM grade PVC material is Calcium Carbonate (CC03) FREE. This is a common additive used by competitors to bring cost down on PVC, but also makes the end product inferior to ours. These suppliers will not furbish you with Guarantee document from their Factory.
Our PREMIUM PVC will last way in excess of 50 Years!!
It requires NO MAINTENANCE other than occasional easy cleaning.
It NEVER needs to be painted, can NOT Rust or Rot & termites can not eat it.
It will NOT discolour, flake or brittle and is GUARANTEED for 20 YEARS !!

Our Posts are filled with 42.5 Black cement at 30MPA concrete mix, with steel re-enforcing rods for added strength.

Our gates boast aluminium inserts for strength & construction.
Various types & styles of PVC gates such as Driveway sliding & dual swing gate, Pedestrian, Courtyard, Safety Gates, Pool child safety, auto close/latch gate with 2x latches are available from Value Fencing. Our Pool & picket style fences at 1,2m high comply with the principle criteria for pool fences & gates as per our local municipal by laws & NBR.

For Your peace of mind, we are also Members of the Master Builders Association:

Value Fencing is the preferred supplier of gates, balustrades, screening & fencing on most estates such as: Mount Edgecombe Golf Estates 1 & 2, Kindlewood Estate, Palm Springs Village, Caledon Estates, Manor Estates, Wakenshaw Estate, Malden Estate, Emberton Village, Ilala Ridge Estate, Rolling Hills, etc to name a view.

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