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Polyester, PVC or Zincalu® Super coated Betafence fencing products installed more than 3km from saline water

Betafence 10 years garantee


Betafence Belgium NV and its subsidiaries (hereafter “Betafence”) guarantee hereby its Betafence branded fencing products for a period of 10 years starting from the date of invoice. This guarantee covers production defects as well as its state of preservation. Upon validation of the complaint by Betafence, Betafence engages either to repair the product or to replace the defective product – materials only. The guarantee excludes coverage of possible direct and indirect costs. The guarantee conditions apply differently in the function of the invoiced value of the fencing materials:
– For invoiced value less than 10.000 €: full repair or replacement of material
– For invoiced value between 10.000 € and 250.000 €: full repair or replacement of the material at a degressive rate:

Year 1 and 2: replaced at 100%
Year 3 and 4: replaced at 90%
Year 5 and 6: replaced at 80%
Year 7 and 8: replaced at 60%
Year 9 and 10: replaced at 50%

– For an invoiced value higher than R 250.000, no automatic product guarantee will be applied. In case of dispute, an independent inspection authority of repute may be engaged to establish the true nature of the claim.
In case of dispute, an independent inspection authority of repute may be engaged to establish the true nature of the claim

Garantie 20 years  Betafence eXtreme


Products in a highly corrosive environment:
The same guarantee is applied to a shortlist of “EXTREME” products when installed close to the sea. These specific products are mentioned separately on the list. The extended guarantee is valid when fencing products are not in direct contact with saltwater or installed just above saltwater.

Projects with invoice value above 250.000 EUR:
Only a project-specific guarantee is valid. Any request for a “Project Guarantee” needs to be made at the time of quotation. Products and product coatings will be verified and optimized in function of the specific project location by Betafence Group Quality & Technology. Customers will receive a project-specific Guarantee certificate.


– Betafence products that are not taken up in the standard product list available on the Betafence internet website. This list is issued yearly.
– Damage caused by installation, not in compliance with the instructions of Betafence; fencing installed at a temperature below 0°C for PVC-coated products and privacy fencing or below -10°C for polyester-coated products.
– Parts of the fence which are intentionally left uncoated for earthing purposes
– Damages caused by temperatures above 50°C.
– Damage caused during storage, handling, transformation, installing or after erecting the product. The possible detrimental impact caused by non-compatible products. Damage caused by the wind for privacy fencing.
– Fences installed less than 3 km from saline water, as well as the entire islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Corrosion due to abnormal levels of aggressive chemicals or environmental corrosivity higher than Class C3 (ISO 9223).
– Red rust less than 2% of the total coated surface per unit. White rust. Decoloration of coating and stains.
– Superficial rust or pitting on the surface of stainless steel components might occur, however, the function is guaranteed.
– Privacy fencing: Limited deformation as long as the functionality is not impacted. Direct and indirect damages caused by wind and other extreme weather conditions such as storms with hail and lightning.
– Gates: The guarantee of operation; the automation components and lock are limited to 2 years or 20.000 cycles from the start-up date, whichever is the earliest (see further details on guarantee exclusion on automation & components)
– Posts with hollow section (for example Nylofor post; Bekaclip posts…) installed in a concrete wall (without the use of a footplate) or installed in such a way that the bottom of the post is blocked by concrete (possible water infiltration cannot drain away into the soil
– This guarantee does not cover failure or damage due to improper use or application, soil or structural movement, natural disasters, fire, abuse or misuse, vandalism, war, negligence, failure to perform proper routine maintenance.
– In case of a complaint, the invoice will be requested by Betafence to verify the purchase date of the products. The guarantee is only valid once full payment of the invoice has been received.


– Gates not adequately installed in line with Betafence instructions.
– Failure to check the proper functioning of the gate at least two times per year, if needed including adjusted or cleaning.
– Gates, where regular service by a qualified person has not been done as prescribed in the maintenance instructions, a written logging of the maintenance history, must be in place.
– Improper use of the gate.
– Unless approved by Betafence, any modification of the gate structure or automation, and the use of non-compatible automation parts makes the guarantee void.


Warranty to be confirmed (Warranties as per suppliers Guarantees)

Value Fencing PVC Warranty


As the leading PVC Fence supplier, Value Fencing Guarantees the installed PVC material will not peel, crack, chip or blister for its lifetime (Minimum 20 Years).

Value Fencing supported by the manufacturer ( ISO 9001 & 14001 compliant), also guarantee the PVC fence will not discolour due to direct sunlight. The guarantee does not provide protection against discolouration or other damages caused by air pollution (including but not limited to metal oxides or metallic particles), exposure to harmful chemicals.
This guarantee does not extend to damages caused by improper application, installation (DIY Option), or use, abuse, accident, alterations, negligence or acts of God. There are no other express guarantees except as stated herein. This guarantee is issued to the original purchaser and is not transferable.
If the product should fail to conform to this guarantee, Value Fencing will repair or replace the defective parts at its discretion. The purchaser shall provide Value Fencing with a written notice of failure, along with proof of purchase and the nature of the defect.

Any / all accessories including; hinges, latches, handles, locks, hooks are excluded from this warranty & carry the manufacturer’s warranties only. Failing or Rust of such accessories will not be covered by this warranty.

Value Fencing reserves the right to inspect the material at its Head Office to determine the validity of the claim. If the claim is valid, the removal and re-installation of the damaged parts will be free of charge.
The above constitutes the complete guarantee by Value Fencing and no other agreement, written or implied, is valid.

Only PVC materials supplied by the Value Fencing  Group is covered by this Warranty.

Materials installed by any installer, (weather it is a Value Fencing franchisee or not) not supplied by the Value Fencing Group will not be covered by this warranty.

No person is authorized to change or modify this guarantee. Recovery for consequential or incidental damages is hereby excluded.

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