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More on PVC, it’s Advantages & Add-ons.


“Everything in Business is negotiable, except Quality”

There are endless advantages in using Value Fencing PVC:

PVC fencing products became very popular mainly due to the well known fact that it is arguably the most durable fencing  product out there.

Value Fencing is the clear market leader in the PVC fencing industry in South Africa with by far the largest Market share in the country. Over the past 9 years Value Fencing pioneered the local PVC fencing industry in South Africa to what is the benchmark known today. Value Fencing  imported & professionally installed over 100 shipping containers PVC materials of the highest possible quality,  with a long list of happy customers. We are the 1st choice for Architects, Project Managers, Developers & Building Contractors, and approved on most Estates.

Our superior quality PVC products will enhance the esthetics of your house & ad to the value to your property.

Our PVC fences are designed to look exactly the same from both sides, giving your neighbour peace of mind when sharing costs.
The material used is virgin PVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) material and is UV resistant at 4 times the Industry standard, using 12% Titanium Di-Oxide (Ti02) for superior UV resistance, (together with the use of Impact modifiers), as opposed to the 3% industry standard for External PVC . Our PVC is free of Calcium Carbonate which is the cheaper alternative to TiO2 as used in PVC pipes. Calcium Carbonate makes the PVC brittle & is not as UV resistant as ours using TiO2 & will not last as long as ours. Our PVC incredibly resistant to chemical erosion & is weather-resistant. Our PVC products comply with the F 964 ASTM World Standards.
It will last way in excess of 40 Years!!
It requires NO MAINTENANCE other than occasional easy cleaning.
It NEVER needs to be painted, can NOT Rust or Rot & Termites can not eat it.
It will NOT discolour, flake or brittle for it’s lifetime and is GUARANTEED for 20 YEARS !!

Our Posts are filled with 42,5S Black Cement 30MPA concrete mix with steel re-enforcing rods.

Value Fencing is the clear market leader & most experienced installer of PVC products in South Africa, running for almost a decade!

Our installations are done by our well trained professional installers with many year’s experience in the field. We do NOT subcontract any installations, to ensure quality workmanship.

We are the preferred supplier of gates, balustrades, screening & fencing on most Estates & Complexes.


* Value Fencing PVC fence available standard section sizes

  • Picket fence
  • PVC Picket fences available in many of variants to choose from with many different finishes.Post can be fitted with standard “flat” caps, Gothic or New England style caps. Pickets can be finished with either sharp pointed or flat shaped caps.Pickets can be spaced from the standard 72mm apart to 50mm, 30mm or even 22mm for privacy.
  • Swimming Pool fence:
  • Our PVC Swimming Pool fence conforms to the principle criteria for pool fence & gates as per SANS & National Building Regulations & Municipal by laws. It is 1,2m high with slats spaced smaller than 100mm apart.
  • Our Swimming Pool Child Safety gates have adjustable auto close mechanisms with 2x padlockable auto latching latches for top & bottom made from powder coated 304 stainless steel.
  • Balustrade, Staircase Balusters & Railings :
  • Our product is the strongest Balustrade out there, requiring NO MAINTENANCE other than occasional cleaning.
    It also carries a 20 YEAR GUARANTEE
  • No other Balustrade company can offer even a 10 year guarantee. It is the best value for money in the long term.
  • Our Balustrade conform with the principle criteria for railings & balustrade as per SANS 10160 & 10400 B & D regulation.
  • All posts are mounted using 2x 10mm x 600mm re-bar rods, fixed with high grade Epoxy, then filled with 42,5S Black cement at 30MPA concrete mix.
  • Ours is one of the very few to Actually PASS the 40kg sand bag pendulum test (see attached clip), thus we were awarded the whole job on the Ilala Views project by ID Construction, featured on Top Billing.
  • We have also just completed: Ilala Views development on Ilala Ridge Estate in la Lucia, Kindlewood Crest, The Wolds and The Links projects in Kindlewood Estate (All Balustrades, Pool fence & gates & Pergolas as well as Post & Rail fences) as well as the Community Centre Balustrade for Kindlewood Estate themselves.
    We have also done all the Balustrade and Pergolas on all 56x units and 1st floor deck at the Umhlanga Cabanas upgrade recently.

  • Value Fencing was the installer for all the Balustrade & Pergolas at The Boathouse in Ballito.
  • Value Fencing installed all Lattice work & Pergolas at The Oysterbox Hotel in Umhlaga.
  • Value Fencing was also awarded the contract for Emberton Estate in Gillits / Hillcrest where we are currently busy installing all Balustrades.
  • value-fencing-pvc-balustrade-installation-comp

    * Value Fencing No Maintenance uPVC Balustrade Installation method using Steel Re-enforced concrete & Epoxy with sealant.

  • value-fencing-balustrade-post-installation-re-bar-epoxy value-fencing-pvc-post-filled-with-re-enforced-concrete       value-fencing-pvc-posts-filled-with-concrete-re-enforcing-rods-1
  • Gates :
  • We do various types & styles of PVC gates such as Driveway sliding & Dual swing gates, Pedestrian, Courtyard, Safety Gates, Swimming Pool child safety gates, in any required shape & size.
  • Our driveway Gates can be easily Automated & Electronic access control systems can be used on all our Gates. (Please ensure a credible installer is used to install these accessories)
  • Our Swimming Pool Child Safety gates have adjustable auto close mechanisms with 2x padlockable auto latching latches for top & bottom made from powder coated 304 stainless steel.
  • Our gates boast aluminium inserts for strength & construction
  • value-fencing-dual-swing-gate-automationvalue-fencing-swing-gate-automationvalue-fencing-sliding-gate-automation
  • Electronic access control can be easily fitted to any of our gate styles
  • value-fencing-pedestrian-gate-electronis-access-control-mag-lock-key-pad value-fencing-electronic-access-control-1 new-picture-2 value-fencing-mag-lock-electronic-access-control
  • Electric fencing can be easily installed on any of our fencing styles. (Please ensure a credible installer is used to install these accessories. Kindly contact us for info on correct installation methods, ad ons etc.)




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