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About Us


uPVC/ PVC Fencing is well established in South Africa as in the USA, Australia and European Countries, installing PVC fences in extreme weather conditions without any adverse effects.

PVC fencing is well known to be, arguably the most durable fencing on the market.

Value Fencing is the leading PVC fence, Balustrade, Screening & Gate supplier in South Africa with over 9 years experience in the field. Value Fencing pioneered the industry in this Country, setting the benchmark in the PVC fencing, Balustrade, Screening & Gate industry in South Africa, building it to what it is today.

At Value Fencing, we believe : “Everything in Business is negotiable, except Quality”

Our PVC fencing products are imported from a ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered manufacturer, therefore the quality of our product is of world standard at all times.

The material used is virgin PVC (unplastisized polyvinyl chloride) material and is UV resistant at 4 times the Industry standard, using 12% Titanium Di-Oxide (Ti02) as Impact modifier, as opposed to the 3% industry standard for External PVC . Titanium Di-Oxide is totally safe & is used in common food stuffs as whitening agent.

Unlike the cheaper option out there, our product is totally free of Calcium Carbonate, which is a cheaper alternative for TiO2. Calcium Carbonate makes the end product slightly whiter, but is brittle & will not last nearly as long as our PVC with TiO2.

Our PVC is incredibly resistant to chemical erosion & is totally weather-resistant.

It requires NO MAINTENANCE other than occasional easy cleaning.

Our PVC material is Guaranteed for 20 Years !!  It will not blister, flake,  crack, tear or discolour in it’s lifetime.

It NEVER needs to be painted, can NOT Rust or Rot & termites can not eat it.

Our Posts are filled with 42.5S Black Cement 30MPA concrete mix with steel re-enforcing rods.

Our PVC Balustrade conform to SANS 10160 & 10400-B & D principle Criteria.

Swimming Pool fencing & Auto Close / Auto latching Child Safety Gates are NBR Compliant & conforms to the Municipal by laws.

PVC Fencing is unique and greatly increases the value of your property, therefore our high quality PVC Fencing does not compete with any steel or concrete fences.

At Value Fencing, the most important person in our business, is you the client and we will assist you with your fencing requirements, we strive to distribute our PVC Fencing throughout South Africa, offering Franchise opportunities as well as appointing agents per area (Contact us for more details).

Please note that ALL photo’s on our Website & all our Advertisements are of jobs installed by our Value Fencing franchises only.


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